VPD800 Alcohol Prep Pads Making Machine

▪ VPD800 Alcohol Prep Pads Making Machine

▪ VPD800 Alcohol Prep Pads Making Machine

VPD800 Alcohol Prep Pad Making Machine can output 8 pieces at a time. 
Advantage: High Speed & High End & High Tech 
Speed: 800-1200 bags/min Using famous electric such as Japan Panasonic, Yaskawa and so on. 
This machine is our updated one, stable and highly efficient operation. 

▪ Benifits

1. Easy Operation. This machine adopts Color touch screen, PLC control system, servo motor and so on automation equipment. 
2. 4 sides seal the eight rows of bags and twice sealing to avoid liquid leakage.  
3. All stainless steel non-woven fabric unwinding, folding and slicing structure. 
4. Photoelectric eye tracking and positioning film color code.

▪ Parameters


VPD 800

Suitable product

Alcohol Swab

Packing film material

Compound film, PAPER/PP/PET/PE/ALUMINUM etc.
Max Film Roll Width800mm,Max roll diameter 350mm

Package Size

Width: 45-55mm, Length: 45-55mm(normal one)
Width: 45-90mm, Length: 45-100mm(customized one)

Nonwoven GSM

30-80g/m2 Nonwoven (Spunlace,Spunbond,cotton)

Packing speed

800-1200 Bags/Minute

Liquid range

Suggest 0~9ml Alcohol(depends on the material and product)

Power supply

3 Phase 380V 50/60Hz 8.8Kw

Machine weight


Machine size




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