VPD120 Carton Packing Machine

▪ Carton/Cartoning Box Packing Machine

▪ VPD120 Horizontal Sanitary Napkin Alcohol Pads Carton/Cartoning Box Packing Machine

The packing machine is mainly used for automatic packing of products in pharmaceutical, food, hardware, electronic components, health products and other industries. It can convey products, fold the cartons, unwrap the cartons, pack the products, output finished products and remove waste products automatically. Finally it realizes packing products automatically.
This machine can be easily combined with other equipments to form an efficient production line by adding a middle sequence mechanism, and it also can make independent packing by adding a feeder.
This machine can reach the fastest speed of 120 boxes/min.


1. Packing specifications can be adjusted freely within the prescribed scope.
2. Adopt touch control screen, it's easy to operate.
3. Adopt PLC program automatic control system.It also remove the waste products.
4. Automatic alarm stop when a fault occurs, it will show the fault detect automatically.

▪ Parameters


VPD 120

Packing Material

paper quality: 250-350g/m2 (depending on carton size)

Packing Material Size

L:70-110 mm, W:50-120 mm, H:20-90 mm

Packing Speed

30-120 boxes/min

 Power Supply

380 V, 50 HZ

Work Power

5.5 KW

Gas Consumption

0.3 m3 / min (pressure ≥0.6 mpa)

Overall Dimension

4500×1560×1620 mm


1500 kg

The machine adopts 304 stainless steel, beautiful in appearance and easy to cleaning
On the manual folding device of this machine, we have added a manual photoelectric eye to detect whether have manual.

Use photoelectricity eye to remove unqualified products and detect whether have manual.
Use photoelectricity eye to detect whether have cartons and detect box accurately in place.

This device is to push the products and manual into box and seal the box.
This machine adopts OMRON touch screen, it is easy to operate and the language can be customized.

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