Eye Patch Making Machine

▪Full Automatic Eye Patch Making Machine

VIPPAI Full Automatic Eye Patch Making Machine adopts 4 side heat sealing tech.
The whole line process:
Step 1: Cut the nonvowen fabric into eye patches shape.
Step 2: Liquid adding.
Step 3: Cut the package film.
Step 4: Put the eye patches and heat sealing the bag.
Step 5: Cut and output finished eye patches.


1. The whole machine is equipped with Yaskawa servo motor from Japan. It is simple, safe and reliable to control text writing by touch screen to adjust parameters.
2. Reciprocating heat sealing mechanism, with sufficient time for large-area sealing, strong sealing, smooth, firm and beautiful sealing; And meet a variety of materials sealed packaging.
3. Alarm for lack of film and stop. Can automatically correct deviation, through two cursor point tracking, automatic calibration, automatic generation of safety and stability.
4. It can be make various specifications of packaging, convenient and fast mold switching, wide applicability, strong compatibility.

▪ Parameters


Eye Patches Machine

Packing Form

horizontal four side sealing

Packing speed

80-130 cuts/min

Packaging material

dialysis paper/composite membrane, paper film and so on

Inner Material

non-woven fabrics, tampons, cotton sheets, sanitary napkins, masks, accessories, cards, cotton swabs, etc.

Power Supply

380V 50Hz

Total Power




Overall Dimensions


Non-woven Rolled Cloth
Eye Patch Die-cutting

Conveyor Belt
Package Film

4 Sides Heat Sealing
Finished Products Output

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