VPD-250 General Speed Right Angle Wet Wipes Machine

Bag Type: 4 Side Seal Right Angle

Speed: 80-110 bags/min

Power: 8.8KW

Product Size: (40-140) *(40-110) mm(L*W)

Product Introduction

VPD-250 is the general speed right angle wet wipes/tissue machine. Our single wet wipes machine is widely used in cosmetics, healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. It can produce makeup remover wipes, skin cleaning wipes, men’s maintenance wipes, women care wipes, alcohol pad/swabs and so on. Single sachet wet wipes making machine makes one piece wet wipes that is easy to carry out and hygienic.


1.VPD-250 uses Taiwan Delta servo motor and Siemens PLC, Intelligent touch screen, servo motor control system, full automatic machine make stable run and convenient operation.
2.This machine adopts adjustable mould, it can produce (40-140)*(40-110) mm(L*W) wet tissue without changing mould.
3.Manufacturers can choose single pack or double pack at will when outputting.(only need to replace the dotted line knife part)
4.Non-woven fabrics can be folded according to different types. Up to 10 vertical folds and 4 horizontal folds, which can be freely folded by unfolding the width and length of the non-woven fabric.
5. Two heat seals is to avoid liquid leakage.
6. The speed is 80-110 bags/min.
7. The edging form of package bag can be “-” or “v”.

▪ Parameters


VPD 250

Packing Form

horizontal four side sealing with right angle 

Packing Material


Inner Material

30-80g/m2 air laid paper, nonwoven, spun lace nonwoven fabric etc

Packing Size

L: 40-140 MM, W: 40-110 MM

Packing Speed

80-110 BAGS/MIN

Folding Way

max 10 folding vertical and 4 folding horizontal

Liquid Adding Range

0-5 ML(according to products)

Power Supply

single phase-two wire 220V 50/60 HZ
/three phase four wires 380V 50/60Hz

Total Power

 8.8 KW

Air Supply

air pressure 0.6-1.0 MPA, air consumption 300-500 L/MIN

Machine Noise

≤80 db(a)

Overall Dimension

3300*2200*1600 MM



Part Name:Color Code Tracking System

Brand: Japan Panasonic 

Fold the packing film in half and use the photo eyes to detect the color mark to ensure the precise packing.

Part Name:Non-woven 

Folding Shelf Place the non-woven fabric, the maximum is 10-fold vertical and 4-fold horizontal folding. It can be folded according to customers requirement.


Part Name:Heat Sealing 

Adopt four-side sealing design, adjustable mold. The mold coated with Teflon, it is anti-stick also protects the mold mesh and prolongs the service life.                                                                                  

Part Name:Printing Date Numbers and Easy Tear System 

The users can change the steel letters to control the date and codes print on the products the tear mouth have two types for select 'V' or ''-“.

Part Name:Right Angle Device 

It can cut the rounded corners package bag.

Part Name:Metering Pumps

Brand: IWAKI Japan 

The IWAKI metering pump ensures the high precisionwhen adding the essence.

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