VPD98-4 High Speed Facial Mask Making Machine(Bag Giving)

Speed: 50-70 bags/min

Power: 32KW

Product Size: (100-225) *(100-180) mm(L*W)

Product Introduction

The main feature of this VPD98-4 Cosmetics Facial Mask Making Machine is high output.The speed can reach at 100-150 bags/min.It uses finished bag to pack the sheet mask.The equipment can handle all kinds of bags stably,and even the special-shaped bags like teardrop-shaped,semicircle-shaped,boots-shaped and so on.It has very high flexibility to adapt to the different needs of mask packaging.The whole packaging process  is transparent and visible,and the intelligent monitoring system ensures the maximum safety performance and maximum efficiency of the mask packaging.
Korea Mediheal,JAYJUN Cosmetic,New Zealand Essano,US Yesto,Poland Marion Sp.z o.o,UK Egg Cream Mask and so on are all our cooperating clients.


1. The whole production line is beautiful and generous, with good practicability and display effect.
2. Fully automated mask production and packaging, saving 10-15 people's labor.
3. The whole production process is completed in the shield to ensure that the mask is pollution-free.
4. Japanese imported high-precision cutting knives are accurate and durable.
5. The whole machine adjusts the servo setting, which is stable and easy to use.
6. Balcony design, drive station, work station separation, safe and reliable.
7. Use high-end metering pump filling precision high plus or minus 1 gram.
8. The whole machine fully meets the requirements of GMP certification.


▪ Parameters



Packing Bag Style

Flat bag, special bag

Packaging Bag Material

Composite materials such as composite film, aluminized film, polyethylene/polypropylene, etc.

Bag Size

L:100-225mm W:100-180mm

Packaging Speed

100-150 bag/min

Range of Adding Liquid

0~50ml The essence / liquid addition accuracy is + 1ml, and the liquid can be used below the viscosity coefficient 20000cp (CREST).

Power Supply

380V 50/60Hz  32Kw

Machine Weight


Machine Size


Part NameDie-cut

Using Japanese imported knife die to make more accurate and durable

Part Name: Folding System

It helps fold the sheet mask.

Part Name: Waste Rejection Device

When automatically identifying the waste, this waste rejection device starts to work. 

Part Name: Bag Giving

The manipulator will automatically delivery the package bag for packing sheet mask.

Part Name: Insert Sheet Mask into Bag  

This device is to insert sheet mask into package bag.

Part Name: Essence Adding

This device is to open the package bag and add the essence.

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