VIPPAI Cosmetic Facial Mask Making Machine to Start a Sheet Mask Business

Tuesday, 29 November 2022

Global beauty facial mask development status

According to the data, the global facial mask market is developing at a high speed. In 2022, the global facial mask market was US$6.8 billion. The reason why boom of facial mask is that increasing consciousness about beauty and skin care, growing skin issues and unfavorable environmental conditions and improvement of living standards. In the future, the market demand for beauty facial masks will be greater.

Types offacialmasks

* sheet mask

* clay mask

* cream mask

* peel-of mask

* gel mask

There are many types of beauty facial mask, sheet masks are one of the most popular types of cosmetics facial masks. For the penetration effect of the sheet mask is far better than the use of a single essence. After 15 to 20 minutes of applying a sheet mask, the tired and dull face can be refreshed. What’s more, easy to carry, it greatly facilitates the needs of people going out for skin care. Also, unlike cream masks, sheet masks don't dry out, it can keep skin soft and moisturized.

VIPPAI cosmetic facial mask making machine to start a sheet mask business

Since 2003, VIPPAI(Weipai) has started in cosmetics sheet mask making machine.

Full Auto Beauty Face Mask Machine

*VPD400 Sheet Mask Making Machine(manufacturing of bags on the machine)

*VPD98-4 Sheet Mask Making Machine(using finished packaging bags)

Semi Auto Cosmetics Face Mask Machine

*VPD60 Sheet Mask Folding Machine

*VPD200 Sheet Mask Filling Machine

VPD400 Sheet Mask Making Machine is the hot item, this is the video of its operation process.

In addition, VIPPAI Cosmetics Facial Mask Making Machine, the production ofsheet masks also requires film cloth made of non-woven fabrics and package film. Package film material: composite materials such as composite film, aluminum film, polyethylene/polypropylene, etc.

The future development trend of cosmetics facialmask machine

At present, most consumers in thebeauty facialmask market are female users. Now and in the future,facialmask manufacturers will expand consumer users and develop masks suitable for male users. With the blessing of the rise of the male skin care consumer market, thefacialmask industry will maintain a steady growth trend as a whole.Hence, the demand for beauty facial mask machine will continue to grow.


With increasing income and socio-economic growth and skin care awareness, beauty facial mask becomes a big market. Among them, sheet mask is rapidly taking the lead. VIPPAI(Weipai) Cosmetics Facial Mask Machine is to make sheet mask. Our machine is loved by Korea Mediheal, JAYJUN Cosmetic, New Zealand Essano, US Yesto, Poland Marion Sp. z o.o, UK Egg Cream Mask etc.

VIPPAI Machine

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